I'm going to move my pictures halfway around the world this week from the beautiful mountains of Canada to the towering mountains of Nepal! Let me tell you why... I volunteer for a nonprofit that rescues girls from bonded servitude (yes, slavery!). Girls as young as 5 or 6 are sold by their impoverished families to a wealthy family. You can guess how they are treated. My organization, IWEN (Inter-cultural Women's Educational Network, www.iwencanada.com) works with the families to bring their daughters home and to send her to school. Exciting eh??!! Well, this influx of students is taxing the already cramped classrooms and there are 70+ kids to each small class. So, over the past year we raised money to build classrooms at the school that many of our girls attend. I was supposed to go to Nepal for the build but being a geographical single mom (hubby is posted to Iraq) made child care hard and I had to say no. (I was so sad!!) However, our team of self-funded volunteers have gone and are sending back photos. I hope you will indulge me this week as I share photos from the exciting development! Thanks, Katie